Just   Lemon + Water  +  Agave 


For the lemonade lover !

Try our Top 100 Culinary arts Award Winning classic lemon flavor or a variety of flavors available. Slowly pressed to impress and infused for 24 hours. A Very sweet, fruity and refreshing option. ( Sold as a frozen slush  at Events as well ).




Needing some relief !?

Try our surprisingly sweet Infused waters. Made with cleansing ingredients like fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, ginger and apple cider vinegar. Has a relieving feel, popularly used to help combat hang over symptoms. 



One gallon of Lemon Made that Customers can Customize. Choose different, fruits, herbs 

and vegetables to target certain health goals, or just for the flavor. 2 Gallon party jugs are custom made as well Comes with a glass Mason Jar Fountain

 (as pictured above) 



Itz lemonMade LLC. provides beverage catering needs for your next party or event! Includes experienced bartenders who are clean cut and friendly. Options for a full or limited bar, Open bar or Pay as you go to suit your budget. We will upgrade your guests favorite cocktail recipes to our high standards of using raw fresh ingredients, and sweetening with agave instead of sugar   

"Exposing the sweet taste of nature to get  all the flavors you desire"



Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Apple, Ginger, Blueberry, Cucumber, Carrots, 

Exotic Flavors 

Mint Basil Rosemary  Peach  Avocado  Pineapple Kiwi BloodOrange Grape DragonFruit  Cherry  Watermelon  Mango  Blackberry  Kale Sea Moss Tumeric 

Beets Apple Cider Vinegar Tomato Spinach Celery  

 16oz bottle $5    XXX 16oz bottle $10  INFUSED 16oz $20               


                      Custom Gallon $30+

               Custom 1/2 Gallon $15+


                -Comes with Lemon + Water + Agave 

          - $1 for Each fruit flavor +  $3 for exotic fruits, herbs, & vegetebles 

      Visit the Custom Menu page to review some Blend options that fit your health concerns 




 XXX Gallon $100& up      Infused Gallon  $100& up 


       Event Catering Starts at $500+ for an OPEN BAR

           click order now for a free consultation to review your catering needs